Sawyer Waterscaping

Pond-less Waterfalls

Pond-less waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall/stream without the presence of a pond.  A waterfall without a pond, can add the sights and sounds of a natural waterfall without the safety concerns.

Pond-less Waterfalls also take up less space and can be tucked into any corner of a landscape and are an ideal option for adding curb appeal.

The diagram below explains the basic concept of a pond-less waterfall setup. You can also see our slideshow for some examples, plus visit our image gallery, video gallery, or you can take an evening and check out our anytime pond tour.

We can construct any size, but here are most common sizes we install:

5-7′ Pond-less Waterfall

10-12′ Pond-less Waterfall

15-25′ Pond-less Waterfalls