Sawyer Waterscaping


FountainFalls are small water features that we came up with around 2005. They are great in flat, small areas. Water flows over one or two large boulders while dropping directly into a pond-less reservior. We can build them using either fractured granite boulders or large moss rock boulders. There is very little maintenance and it gives you that big waterfall sound while taking up little to no space. For more images or video, visit our portfolio. Plus, if you would like to see any up close and personal, visit our anytime pond tour page, to find directions to some in the Cheyenne Area.
  • Nice relaxing sound of bubbling and cascading water.
  • Extremely low maintenance and a good project for the Do-it-Yourselfers.
  • Best of all…they are an inexpensive way to bring the waterscaping lifestyle to your home!