Sawyer Waterscaping

Flagstone Patio

Prentice-Surbrugg Refurbish (2017)

Here is a list of the items we refurbished on this pond that we originally installed in 2008

 Pond & Flagstone Refurbish           

  • Remove existing flagstone steppers and cobble stone
    • Use some for the floating steppers
  • Build new walls with thinner flagstone.
    • 6 pallets of Colorado Buff Flagstone
    • Buff Breeze will be used in between the flagstone.
    • Also adding large moss boulders for a more robust and natural wall
    • Natural moss outcroppings
    • Concrete backfill
    • All stones hand cut and placed
  • Floating Buff Steppers to cross the pond
    • Includes concrete bases
  • Includes small flagstone sitting pad on East end of pond.

Moss Boulders – 26 additional ton

  • Placing boulders on the North end of the pond – to balance out the pond
  • Creating moss outcroppings around flagstone and North end of the pond
    • Create a better habitat for fish to hide
  • Concrete in some of the existing waterfall boulders

Suction Filtration System 

  • Using Stacked Slate Urns to return the water

Upgrade lighting System to LED Lights 

Kincheloe Pond-less & Flagstone Patio


Mossey Residence (Pond-less)

Constructed in the Spring of 2016, this backyard hangout has a little bit of everything!

Here is the quick list:

Water Feature

  • 45’ long stream
  • (2) 26” wide waterfall spillways
  • 15’ x 65’ of liner & underlayment
  • 2300 Pond Vault
  • (2) PAF 75’s – 6,000 GPH (1 year warranty)
  • 50’ roll of 3” flexible PVC pipe
  • 24 ton of fractured Granite, 5 ton of Cobble, 5 ton of landscaping rock
  • Auto-fill
  • Copper Ionizer
  • Price includes labor & installation
  • Spillway bowl


  • 22 x 25 flagstone patio w/ stacked edges
  • Fire Pit
  • (8) flagstone treads
  • 60 Plant Package
  • Granite Boulders 16 ton
  • Cobble River Rock 30 ton
  • Gorilla Hair Mulch 10 yards
  • Drip system and Sprinkler repair
  • Weed Barrier and stakes
  • ¾” Granite Chips ton (13)
  • 9 trees
  • Labor and installation
  • Complete LED Lighting System

Mossey-Pondless-Project-1 Mossey-Pondless-Project-2 Mossey-Pondless-Project-3 Mossey-Pondless-Project-4 Mossey-Pondless-Project-5 Mossey-Pondless-Project-6 Mossey-Pondless-Project-7 Mossey-Pondless-Project-8 Mossey-Pondless-Project-9 Mossey-Pondless-Project-10 Mossey-Pondless-Project-11 Mossey-Pondless-Project-12 Mossey-Pondless-Project-14 Mossey-Pondless-Project-13ne

Creel Residence (Pond-less)

We had a blank canvas with the Creel’s backyard.  They wanted their patio larger while enjoying the peaceful sounds of a small water feature.  In addition, we essentially landscaped their entire backyard..with the excellent work of Danny and his crew from Green Lawn Care, who completed the irrigation lines and the sod.

The biggest challenge for us on this project was adding additional living space while raising the elevation of the steeply sloping yard. All in all we added a large flagstone patio with a gas fire pit and a 7′ pond-less waterfall.



1Creel-Pondless 2Creel-Pondless 3Creel-Pondless 4Creel-Pondless 5Creel-Pondless 6Creel-Pondless 7Creel-Pondless 8Creel-Pondless 9Creel-Pondless 10Creel-Pondless 11Creel-Pondless 12Creel-Pondless 13Creel-Pondless 14Creel-Pondless 15Creel-Pondless 16Creel-Pondless 17Creel-Pondless 18Creel-Pondless 19Creel-Pondless 20Creel-Pondless 21Creel-Pondless

Long Residence (Pond Rebuild – 2015)

design_consultationWe built the original pond back in 2002.  After twelve years of loving their pond, it was time for an upgrade.  Overgrown plants and upkeep were becoming more of a problem every summer.  So, an improved filtration system was on top of the list.  Not to mention, we were going to make it bigger and better!


LONG Pond Rebuild – July 2015 (Cheyenne, WY)



Overgrown with irises and cattails, the original pond was hard to see anymore!


Catching the Koi to place them in their temporary home!

3Long 4Long

Lots of nasty organic material to remove.


Above: Removing all of the rock and sludge from the old pond.  The gazebo, which we also built back in 2002, will only be getting a mild modification that will allow for better viewing of the koi.

Below: The pond is filled in with new, fresh topsoil.  Primarily so we could re-shape the pond, but also for access to construct the new bigger and higher main waterfall.

6Long 7Long

Below: A good height comparison of the main waterfall drop.  We had to start building the waterfall first, since there would not be any access once the pond was built.

8Long 0 10Long

Above: As you can see the waterfall boulders are being concreted in for a solid structure.

Below: Now that the waterfall walkway is set, time to start excavating the pond.

11Long 12Long

Building the walls of the pond with smaller hand sized granite that is being concreted in.


Below:  Notice the 2″ PVC piping…this is suction filtration system.  Much like what aquariums have, a non submersible pump will pull water through the bottom gravel and rock keeping the pond much cleaner.


Below:  Bottom level done and floating flagstone steppers almost complete.

15Long 16Long 17Long

Below: Floating steps are concreted in and set, while we finishing up the stacked flagstone edge. This flagstone wall will be part of the patio.


Below:  The fish are enjoying their new home.  The water is murky, in large part to all of the dirty rock due to all the that we had.

19Long 20Long

Above:  Gazebo is getting an extension

Below: Working on the lights and gazebo.

21Long 22Long

Some final pics…water is still murky, but everything is operating smoothly.

23Long 24Long 25Long

Below: The Long’s are big UW fans…so we added a little personalized touch!

26Long 27Long