PAF-40 Pond Pump

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TidalWave Pump 1/2 HP

The PAF40 is the third pump in the series and is rated at 4, 950 gallons per hour at 5 feet of head.  It weighs a light 16 lbs. while pulling 6 amps, costing $1.38/day.  It’s BEP (best efficiency point) at 15’ of head pumping 3, 570 gallons every hour.  It’s recommended operating range is between 10-20’ of head.  Although the pump will work using it outside of its recommended operating range, it may cause bearing damage and premature failure. Similar to the PAF20 and PAF25, it costs $.28 every day for every 1000 gallons pumped.  The stainless steel and composite construction allow this pump to be corrosive resistant and withstand the rigorous workload that a large waterfall demands.




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