Sawyer Waterscaping

Terfehr Pondless (2014)

The Terfehr Pondless waterfall was installed in August 2014.

  • 25’ long stream
  • 26” wide waterfall spillway
  • 15’ x 50’ of liner
  • Mini Pond Vault
  • PAF 75 – 5950 GPH (2 year warranty)
  • TCA20 Check Valve Assembly
  • FP20 – 40’ roll of 2” flexible PVC pipe
  • 18 ton of Moss Boulders
  • 5 ton of Cobble
  • 5 ton of landscaping rock

• Meet the Author ➞ Gregg Sawyer

Gregg Sawyer has been designing and building water features since he was 12 years old...almost thirty years ago! Gregg started Sawyer Waterscaping, LLP in fall of 1999 and has been beautifying Southeastern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Western Nebraska since.

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