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Imig Pond Makeover Project

The Imig pond project was completed in August of 2016.  We replaced a 12 year old pond that we had constructed in 2004.  The new owners, wanted to improve and enhance the pond from it’s out dated state.

The project included a large flagstone viewing area and a large amount of moss boulder outcroppings.

Here is a list of the materials that we used:

  • (2) 26″ wide ProFalls Spillways
  • (1) 19″ wide ProFalls Spillway
  • 50′ x 50′ EPDM Liner and Underlayment
  • 1800 Series Pond Vault
    • this was used for the bottom suction filtration
  • (2) TT9,000 GPH TidalWave Pond Pumps
  • (1) TT3,000 GPH TidalWave Pond Pump
  • EasyPro Pond Skimmer
  • 75′ of 2″ Flexible PVC Piping
  • 100′ of straight PVC pipe for bottom suction filtration system
  • 24 ton of Moss Boulders
  • LED above ground & under water lighting system
  • 6 ton of Colorado Red Flagstone

• Meet the Author ➞ Gregg Sawyer

Gregg Sawyer has been designing and building water features since he was 12 years old...almost thirty years ago! Gregg started Sawyer Waterscaping, LLP in fall of 1999 and has been beautifying Southeastern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Western Nebraska since.

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