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    The Benefits of a Water Feature

    Why do most people consider a water feature?   Well, for most people, water provides soothing sights and sounds that help to relax and de-stress in today’s busy world.  People are

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  • 9' Pondless Waterfall

    Who Else Wants a Pond-less Waterfall?

    Pond-less waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall/stream without the presence of a pond.  You get a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of running water without the maintenance of

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  • 2014-07-027

    A-21 TidalWave Pond Pump

    The A-21 submersible pond pump is designed for high volume/high head applications.  As is all “A” series pumps, the are designed for big waterfall drops or long streambeds.  If you

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Custom Ponds & Waterfalls


Sawyer Waterscaping is the premier water feature design and installation company in the Cheyenne area. Specializing in custom water features including ponds, waterfalls & streams, and pondless waterfalls. Sawyer Waterscaping combines a keen respect for the environment with a commitment to excellence to produce top quality water features which will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Waterfalls & streams certainly are beautiful, serving as the focal points of the pond, and perhaps your entire landscape. In fact, sometimes people are so enamored with wateralls and streams that they could care less whether the pond even exists. But how can you have the waterfall without the pond? It's called a pond-less waterfall, a water gardening marvel that eliminates the maintenance of a pond.

Enhance your landscape with one of our custom water features designed specifically for your yard. Whether you choose an ecosystem pond, pond-less waterfall (disappearing stream), fountainfalls, decorative fountainscapes, or one of rock retaining wall systems, you will be extremely pleased.

Stop by our office, to see several water features on display that will help you envision a beautiful and relaxing water feature in your very own yard. You can also tour our anytime pond tour to see all kinds of water feature designs.

Whatever you decide for your own oasis, rest assured you'll receive superior customer service and a quality water feature when you choose Sawyer Waterscaping.

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